Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Silly Monkey

The Glasgow family comes over to our house every Monday night. Cade and Cole normally spend their time showing us new karate moves, working out with Joey's exercise equipment, or showing us what Cade learned in P.E. that day. This past Monday night, Cade showed us how to do the cha-cha slide--hilarious! They are usually not very interested in Andrew. Cole will sometimes bring toys over for him to play with, such as cars, and then quickly realizes that Andrew is once again too little to play. Last Monday, we told the boys to watch Andrew while the grown ups ate. Of course, we were right there with them, but they took their job very seriously!
Cade doesn't really like to touch Andrew yet. Cole always give him a good bye kiss, though.

This week, Andrew and I have continued to work on his tummy time. We also work on strengthening his vision by tracking objects. We also count to 5 several times a day, sing the alphabet, and our favorite praise songs. Joey works on the Alabama fight song with him each night--I'm not kidding. The newest addition to our routine is picking up and shaking his toys. Here he is with his leaf rattle.

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