Friday, September 24, 2010


I looked back at these pictures today of Susan and me meeting our sons. Despite the exhaustion (Susan more than me--she had a natural birth!), dirty hair and lack of make-up, these pictures are beautiful to me with several similarities. People say that you will immediately fall in love with your child-true, that you will feel such a sense of relief the first time that you hold him-true, and above all you will feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to Jesus-true! However, I realize now that in that moment, Andrew was really a stranger to me. I knew nothing about him except that I loved him. Now, as I spend every moment with him, it is fun to watch him develop as his own little person. At almost six weeks, here are his top 5 likes and dislikes. We'll start with the bad first.
1. Topping the list...tummy time! He despises it. He is getting better, though so it is not as bad as it was in the beginning. Here he is last taking a break from working out those neck muscles!

2. Diaper changes
3. Having to wait even one second for food when he is hungry
4. When his pacifier falls out of his mouth
5. Car rides-This was initially a "like" the first couple of weeks, but lately he really does not enjoy being the car. I really hope it changes.

And now for the LIKES:
1. His swing
2. Stretching-He can literally stretch for 10 minutes. He will stretch his arms, legs, back and then start the process over again.
3. Baths (thank goodness)
4. Sleeping with an arm behind his head
5. Being snuggled up with his face in my neck or laying face down on Joey's chest
At 5 weeks, he is supposed to begin smiling. We have not seen it yet. I do everything that I can think of to make him smile, but I think he just thinks that I have lost my mind. Occasionally, he will raise an eyebrow at me but no smile. Hopefully, it's coming soon!

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