Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Growing Boy

Our little boy is growing so quickly. He now weighs 11 pounds! His newborn clothes do not fit him anymore. This makes me so sad. There are several outfits that I loved seeing him wear and I will miss him being in them-mainly all of his dinosaur outfits. Joey's friend from work gave him four onesies with dinosaurs on them. He basically lived in these for the first couple of weeks. I can't believe that I won't see him in them anymore. Would it be weird to frame them in my house?

Andrew is also able to do a lot more now. He picked up his hairbrush last night and started to shake it. He also works a lot on lifting his head. While my boys were watching the Alabama game on Saturday, he lifted his head for a good 30 seconds. It was long enough for me to grab my camera and take this picture of him. It is kind of hard to see in the picture, but he is completely supporting his head here. I know it looks like his chin is on Joey's shirt, but it was not.
We are not on a sleeping schedule, but he is a great (and really cute) sleeper. We have really only had 1 "bad" night since he was born.

We have been very blessed with friends and family members bringing us food and coming over for visits. Here is our children's minister from church, Lynne. She brought us a delicious dinner (with a homeade apple pie) and snuggled with Andrew. Thanks, Lynne! Notice Ralph in the background:)

Three years ago today, Joey proposed! That seems like forever ago. In the past 3 years, we have planned a wedding, gotten married, honeymooned in Antigua, vacationed in Italy, sold a house, bought a house, and had a baby! Marriage is wonderful, but I am quite certain that Joey's heart now belongs to someone else:)

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  1. You're welcome!! I adore Andrew! And that pic of Joey and Andrew is so precious!