Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 week check-up

Andrew will be 3 weeks on Sunday. He is growing up so quickly. On Monday, he went to his 2 week check up. He weighed 9 pounds, and half an ounce. The goal was to be back up to his birth weight (8 pounds, 10 ounces) by this appointment, so he is doing great! I was relieved by this because we are exclusively breastfeeding him. It worries me that he is not getting enough because I do not know exactly how much he is eating, but he is clearly getting enough. Of course, Joey and I had a long list of questions for the pediatrician. She checked everything on him, and he received a clean bill of health! Joey met us at the office and laughed when he saw that I had decided to dress Andrew as a bear for his appointment. Here he is before leaving for Dr. Roberts' office in his bear suit. Here are a few new pictures of Andrew. Enjoy!

Andrew with his favorite book about kittens:
His cousins are still not too sure about him:
Joey and I call this look--"crazy eyes" He does this all of the time, but I like the picture because it shows how brown his eyes have gotten. He is going to be his daddy's twin!

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  1. Emily! Congratulations on Baby Andrew! He is so beautiful and so are YOU! In the picture of you and the stroller you look like you've never even had a baby!!! Much less 3wks ago! Wow! Go girl! You are lovely and we are wishing you the very best!!!