Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love on your brother!

Whenever I tell Andrew to "love on your brother," he lays his head down on him. Here are three pictures of him loving on Joey today.If I tell Andrew to love on him, he will stop playing and come do this.One of my favorite ways that Andrew shows his love for Joey is by doing his best to take care of him even when we do not ask. This morning, Joey did not have any socks on. I commented to Big Joey that his feet were cold. Andrew went and got two socks--mismatched and too big because they were his own, but still. We put them on Joey's feet, and Andrew was so proud of himself!

Our New Swingset

Our family got a new swingset this weekend! Joey and Andrew worked on it for HOURS. I was amazed at how well Andrew "helped" Joey. Whenever I looked out the window, he was right with him. It took two days to put it together, and the boys finally got to play on it for over an hour this afternoon!
Reading the directions:Pulling everything out of the boxes for Dada:Checking out the slide:Joey and I came out some, but it was a little windy on Saturday.They got back to work on Sunday.Andrew took a lunch break and a nap. When he woke up, the swingset was finished!Asleep on Mama:

My Sunday Shopping Buddy

Joey and I shop for the week each Sunday during Andrew's nap.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Saturday Morning

We started today like we do most Saturday mornings---at Cracker Barrel! Andrew and his daddy did some coloring while we waited on our food. A lady at the table next to us had a plate of bacon. Andrew was very frustrated with her that she would not share.

Then, it was time for a haircut. Andrew has had his hair trimmed twice, both times at the mall. I have not been pleased with the results either time. I asked around, and every mom suggested Kidz Kuts. Brilliant idea! Everything is designed for Andrew sized clients. Their chairs are trains, cars, jets, etc. You select the cartoon that you want to watch while you get your hair cut, and your stylist hands you a sucker when you sit down! Andrew sat in a train.
Look how long his hair had gotten in the back!Each chair has its own television. Watching some Mickey:It will be his turn before I know it.So big:)It was time for Andrew's nap when we got home, but Joey was wide awake! We played on his mat some.Then, he tried out the exesaucer for the first time. He only stayed in it for about five minutes, but he seemed to enjoy it. Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rolling Over

Joey rolled over for the first time last night! I was changing Andrew, so I missed it. However, he has done it several more times!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Glasgow Cousins

Joey, Cade, & Cole...Andrew was busy eating spaghetti!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day of B's...Blurry Smile, Bubble Bath, and Basketball

I was dressing Joey this morning and captured his smile on camera for the first time. Of course, it was blurry. I had to post it anyway since it was the first time that I have gotten a picture of him smiling.
Andrew took his first bubble bath tonight. I was so excited for him because I thought that he would absolutely love it. He loves to splash around and play with his toys each night, so I just knew that he would enjoy the bubbles. Once again, I forgot the clean hand obsession. What was I thinking? Here he is noticing for the first time that the bubbles have gotten on his hands.Help, Dada!Joey tried to push all of the bubbles away from him and cleaned his hands. He kept looking at them to make sure that they were clean. I was off work today, and Joey surprised me this morning by telling me that he had taken the day off as well. We tried to be productive and bought the boys' Easter presents. Andrew's big present was going to be a basketball goal. Small problem--Joey got so excited about it that he got it out and set it up as soon as we got home! I am kind of glad because Andrew LOVED it, and I was feeling guilty after the bubble bath incident.Like any good athlete, he had to get hydrated before the big game!I know this goal is VERY low, but I must brag on my child and say that he made 100% of his shots, and he shot a lot! Look at that sweet face! He was so proud of himself. We later raised the goal (I was videotaping by that point and don't have pictures) and he still did not miss a shot!