Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a very busy Labor Day Weekend. Andrew spent time with his family from Virginia and some friends from Wetumpka. On Saturday, Andrew met his great-grandmother (Meemaw) for the first time. Here he is with his great-aunt, Barbara and his grandmommy.Andrew spent some time with his Uncle Marshall before the Alabama game. They are both dressed for the big win!
Andrew with his cousin John Marshall:
Some of our closest friends from Wetumpka stopped by to see Andrew before the game. Ashley, Blu, Mariella, Emma and Ella all visited our little man. Here he is with his grandmommy and Blu.
Because all of Mama's family was here from Virginia, we had a surprise birthday party for her. Her actual birthday is not until the 28th, so she really wasn't expecting a party. For her present, we all went in together and had professional pictures made of all of her children and grandchildren. I will do a post soon and upload some of the pictures that we had made.
After all of those visitors, Andrew needed a bath! Even though his cord fell off over a week ago, his pediatrician said to wait a few more days to give him an actual bath. After a week of waiting and several screaming fits during his sponge baths, we decided that it was time. Because of his sponge baths, I was certain that he would hate a "big boy" bath. I was pleasantly surprised, though. He seemed to really enjoy it. I got in the tub with him, and Joey sat beside us to help clean him. I'm sure as we get better and more confident that I will not get in with him, but we had fun together.

We were so excited that Joey did not have to go to work on Monday. We went for a walk around campus with our little man.

My boys stopped to look at the football captains' prints next to Denny Chimes.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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