Friday, March 4, 2016

I love being at school with my boy!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baseball Time is Here

We are excited to be on the 5 year old Pirates this year.  Joey is the head coach.  He has turned our den into a baseball practice area. My parents were over one night and he told Andrew, "Don't hit your bat on the fireplace. It may hurt your bat!"  My dad laughed and said most people would say, " may hurt the fireplace!"  The last two seasons, Andrew has had the option of hitting off of the tee.  We tried to switch him over to coach pitch towards the end of the last season (fall) and he did pretty well.  He even had a homerun.  This season, he will be straight coach pitch, so that makes me a little nervous. 

Joey always finds a friend at the ballpark.  He seriously has ZERO interest in playing.  Son, when you look back one day and wonder why there are no pictures of you playing or in a team jersey, you were the one who refused!

On stormy, cold nights, we practice in our church gym.

Gatlinburg, part 2

Gatlinburg, part 1

         We had a long weekend over Presidents' Day not long ago.  After booking the vacation, Joey let me know he had to go to Austria for work during the first part of the trip.  The boys were already excited, so I decided to take them anyway.  Randi came with us, too.  Our hotel was so nice, and it had the best indoor pool ever!  Y'all really never wanted to leave.  It was pretty cold, so we got out some, but spent a lot of time swimming.  Big Joey flew in from Austria while we were there. Instead of going home and relaxing in a kid free home like a normal human, he was determined to get to his boys. He drove hours, only to find out the road was closed due to ice.  He had to take an hour to get to a new road to get to us, and it was closed.  I told him to find a hotel and stay there, but he kept trying. Boys, I can tell you I have never seen a dad love his sons like your dad does.  There is nothing he will not do to be with y'all.  He cannot stand to be away from his family.  The next post is just more pictures from our trip, too.  It was a LONG drive, but it was nice to get away for a few days. Each boy also bought a new stuffed bear.  Joey named his, Beary Glasgow.  Andrew named his bear, Andrew Drew Rew Glasgow.  We call the bear Andrew Drew for short!
Andrew is really into selfies right now!

Saturday, January 30, 2016


I'm really trying to get back in the habit of blogging, but it is so hard to make time to do it and remember. I want to document our normal activities for the boys to have to look back on one day.  Today has been a very typical Saturday for us.  We almost always go out to eat breakfast on Saturday.  We normally go to Edgar's.  We like to sleep late, go to a late breakfast and then go to nice dinner together.  We normally don't eat lunch on Saturdays. In between breakfast and dinner, we do birthday parties, errands, or sports practice.  So, here is our day today:
We started the morning with breakfast and play time at Chick-Fil-A.

     Baseball season starts soon, and Andrew needed new cleats.  We went by Dick's.  Joey asked to have his picture taken in front of all of the "beautiful shoes." Ha!
Andrew and Dad found the perfect pair.  Andrew and Joey, y'all both wear size 12.5.  It is so nice that y'all can wear the same size now. 
It used to not bother me to buy for one and not the other, because the boys were so little and did not realize what was going on.  Now, as they get older, it really bothers me.  Joey did not need any shoes, but he got to pick a new pair.  He really wanted some that had "strings" on them, so he got his first pair of tying shoes.  Like I said, the boys wear the same size, so any shoe we buy will get a lot of wear. 
He was so proud!
Now, we are back home.  Joey and I are at home doing laundry.  Big Joey and Andrew went to a field to practice baseball in his new cleats.  We are going out with friends tonight to Hokkaido for dinner.  I love Saturdays!

Teacher of the Year Banquet

          This Thursday, Joey and I attended the Tuscaloosa County School System Banquet.  We rarely dress up and spend a night away from the boys.  Earlier in the school year, my school nominated me as the teacher of the year.  Every elementary school does this.  To apply, we completed lengthy papers about our teaching beliefs, current legislation in education, and our experiences.  I remember working during most of my Thanksgiving Break on the application.  From all of the elementary nominations, our system picks one overall Elementary Teacher of the Year and one Secondary Teacher of the Year.  In early January, I received an email that I was a semi-finalist for the overall elementary title.  I was shocked to get that!  My mom bought me a new suit, and I spent hours studying for my interview.  I've been Buhl's teacher of the year two times before, but I've never made it to the semi-finalist stage.  My principal was so supportive.  She did a mock interview with me the day before my actual interview on Jan. 15.  I was given half a day off to interview.  Before I left, she prayed with me in her office and gave me a sweet card to open before walking into my interview.  I was, in fact, named the overall system Elementary Teacher of the Year!  I told Joey it has been a goal of mine since starting my career.  I really can't believe it!

One of my best friends, Amy, came to the banquet to support me.

This is my principal, Vanessa Clay!  She is awesome! 

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100th Day of School

Andrew and I have been in school together for 100 days!  Our school had a big celebration!  We dressed up as 100 year olds!  Here I am with my buddy!
He got so tickled every time he put his crazy wig on his head!
Andrew with his teacher, Mrs. Hick...we love her SO much!
Aprile Fields, Jill Jones, and me
Our school really is so much fun!

He had a new hat on at lunch. I think he was tired of all of the picture by this point.  He just wanted to eat his apple.  The table to the right of Andrew is where my class eats.  It is so cool that I get to eat next to him every day. 
Andrew wanted to bring a cake for his class, so we ordered this one.