Tuesday, January 26, 2010

11 week bump

One of my students told me today, "Mrs. Glasgow, it's like you're getting fatter everyday!" Clearly, anyone can see why our original plan of waiting until we were 12 weeks to tell everyone was not going to work! The funny thing is that I am still several pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant because of all of the sickness, and my lack of an appetite. Thankfully, the appetite seems to be picking up a little.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus put a cat in my belly!

After finding out that we were pregnant, Joey and I told our immediate family right away. Because Cade is in a stage where he starts every sentence with, "Hey, you know what?" we thought it would be funny for him to be the one to reveal the secret to the Glasgow family. Joey pulled him to the side, prepped him, and then he delivered his line perfectly! Both Cade and Cole were intrigued by the fact that there was a baby in my belly, and wanted to rub it and stared at it waiting for the baby to come out at any moment. At this point, I was only 4 weeks pregnant so we tried to explain to them that it would be a very long time, but Cade was persistent in asking, "Is it going to pop out yet?" Eventually, the boys wanted to know exactly how the baby got in my stomach. I told them that Jesus had put the baby in there. After some thought, Cole announced that Jesus had put a cat in his stomach. Now, several weeks later, Cole is still certain that he is growing a cat inside of his stomach!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6 week ultrasound

Click on the picture to enlarge the image. He/she is just a little "tadpole" here, but I love this picture because it was the first time that Joey and I saw/heard a heartbeat. It is amazing that something so small can have a heartbeat!

10 week ultrasound

Click on the picture to enlarge the image. His/her head is to the left. You can also see the two arms, two legs, and a round stomach. The legs were moving non-stop during this picture!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

9 week "baby bump"

Common Questions

Here are the most common questions that people (the few that know) have been asking us, so I thought it would be easiest to answer them on here!

1. Have you had any morning sickness?
Thankfully, I have not had morning sickness, but I have had night sickness. Between weeks 6 and 8, I got sick several nights a week. I have had trouble eating at night, and have actually lost weight this first trimester.

2. When are you due?
August 17, 2010--but I have measured "big" every appointment, so we will see!

3. Will you find out the sex of the baby?
YES! We cannot wait! You will notice that I already refer to the baby as a HE. I know that I should probably not do this, but I feel completely certain that it is a boy. Joey told me the other day that he was feeling more like it was a girl, so we will see. WE FIND OUT THE SEX ON FEBRUARY 25TH!

4. Will you work after the baby is born?
I will take off the entire first semester of next year, and return to work in January 2011. We have already started looking at daycares.

5. Do you have names picked out?
We have the girl name picked out, but we go back and forth on the boy name. We are not planning on keeping the name a secret, but I hate to tell it until we are certain what it will be. We like family names, so that's the biggest hint that I am giving for now!

6. Where will you deliver?
I use Dr. Myers at the Northport Medical Center, so that is where our wild child will enter the world!

7. Will you have an epidural for the delivery?
You would be amazed at how many people actually ask this, and the answer is that I do not know yet.

Those are the main ones that I can think of right now. I hope this helps!

10 week check-up

I went to the doctor today, and the baby was doing well. He was VERY active, and kicked his little legs the entire time. His arms moved some, but I think he may be a future swimmer! His heart rate was 169 beats per minute! He is measuring about 1 1/2 inches long. As for me, I have actually lost weight since the pregnancy started, yet I have a noticeable (to me, at least) "baby bump." I was a little concerned about the fact that I am losing weight, yet my clothes don't fit. That just didn't make any sense to me. I asked Dr. Myers about this, and she said that it is perfectly normal. I will work on scanning the ultrasound pictures very soon!

Welcome Back!

After several months of not blogging, we decided to start again. There is a lot going on in our lives right now, and many of our family members do not live near us. We hope that you all enjoy reading the blog!