Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Visit With Santa

We (with the help of my mom) took our boys to see Santa last night. They have both been really good boys, so I have a feeling that they will get everything that they asked for on Christmas morning! It is hard to see their outfits in the picture above, so I had to show some close ups. My sweet friend from work, Denise McMillian, gave them to the boys and I have been saving them for Santa. Here is Baby Joey's gown.

Here is Andrew's shirt.

After Santa, Andrew and I rode the train together. He laughed each time the train made a turn. He did not enjoy getting off of the train and pitched a small fit. Luckily, Santa was on break and did not see it:)


It has gotten really cold in Tuscaloosa lately. Our boys are having to wear hats when they go out. Baby Gap has some really cute hats right now. Here is one that we bought Andrew last night. Baby Joey's head is so small that the only hat that really fits him is the one that he got at the hospital. Once we bulk him up, we will have to go back and get him a cool hat!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joey-3 weeks

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHN MARSHALL RATHMELL! He is 3 years old today, and all of the Glasgows love him very much!

It is hard to believe that Baby Joey will be three weeks old tomorrow. We have been working very hard at our house to spend a lot of one on one time with Andrew and to constantly show him how much he is loved even though we have a new baby. So, Andrew and his dad went for an afternoon trip to ride some small rides at our mall. Andrew loves them. When I called to check on them, they were finishing a snack from the Cookie Company and were both having fun.

Anyway, I got some quality time with my little Joey while they were gone. Some of these pictures are not very good because I do not like to flash in his face. We took a bath.

Put on a new Noah's Ark outfit from Julie Salter:

Superman stretches on the playmat:

Tummy Time:

Of course we found some time for some snuggling, too.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Check-ups, New Watch, Thanksgiving, and 2 Questions

Here comes a hodgepodge of a post! I have to cram everything in when I have a chance to sit down and blog.

Joey and I took both boys to the pediatrician this week. Joey had his 2 week check up, and Andrew had his 15 month check up. Here are my boys in the waiting room.
Joey weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce--50th percentile--and was 21 inches long--50th percentile.
His discharge weight from the hospital was 6 pounds and 14 ounces, so we were very pleased with these numbers.

Andrew weighed 25 pounds--50th percentile--and was 33 inches long--95th percentile. He is so tall that he is now wearing size 3T in a lot of clothing! He also got two shots:(

With Andrew, we started a (strange) family tradition. Joey loves nice watches. I gave him a new watch for our wedding day. We decided when Andrew was born that we would buy him a very nice watch to give to him on his wedding day. Little did we know that we would have another boy so quickly, so we had to continue the traditon with Baby Joey. All of us went to Birmingham last weekend to pick out Baby Joey's watch. Here is Joey with both of his boys.

My Joeys with the new watch:

We had two Thanksgiving celebrations this week. On Wednesday night, the Glasgow side of the family came over to our house. On Thursday, the Reneau side of the family came to our house. For both celebrations, everyone brought food so it was not too much work on us. Also, Andrew helped out a lot. Here he is watching the turkey with Dada.

He helped with the cool whip for the top of the pies as well.

Baby Joey was not that impressed with Thanksgiving. This is what he did through most of both celebrations.

Cole and Cade:

Glasgow Family:

My first Thanksgiving with my Joey!

Joey and Aunt Holly:

Joey and Jan:

Paw Paw with three of his boys--Andrew had already gone to bed for the night.

Aunt Debbie, Joey, and David:

On Thursday, the Reneau family came to town. Here is Grandmommy feeding Baby Joey.

John Marshall enjoyed playing with Andrew's toys.

Here is our table. This is the first time that I have ever had Thanksgiving at my house. We had so many people that we had to add a folding table.

Steve, Olivia, and Joey:

Andrew and Joey on their first Thanksgiving together:

Here is Grandaddy with Andrew. If Andrew looks to you like he is about to pass out, it is because he was not able to control himself at lunch. I think he ate more than anyone else. He LOVED the turkey. I eventually had to make him stop eating it. He took a very long nap after everyone left and hardly ate any supper.

Susan, Marshall, and Amelia (under the nursing wrap:)

Since we have had Joey, there are 2 questions that I get asked more than anything. So, here are the questions and my answers.

1. Are we going to have more children?

I really don't know. This is really a bad time to ask, though because I am in the sleep deprived phase. At this point in Andrew's life, I was telling everyone that he would be an only child. Then, everyone started sleeping better, and I was ready to have another one. Part of me says that I will put some more space in between 2 and 3, and part of me does not want to get out of the diaper and sleepless night phase and then have to go back to it. We will just have to wait and see, but I honestly do not know right now.

2. How is nursing/breastfeeding going?

This is the one that the people who are closest to me often ask first because they know how much I struggled with Andrew. It is going so much better this time. I don't think it is because of anything that I am doing, but I am so thankful that I have more milk for Joey. I know a lot of moms who work just as hard as I do to get milk and struggle. It gets on my nerves when people credit/blame a mom for having/not having milk. Most lactation specialists and doctors are quick to tell you that it is simply a matter of genetics. I will say that I am not putting the pressure on myself that I did with Andrew. Now, I know that formula is not bad. Andrew is perfectly fine, and he started getting formula when he was 3 months old. If Joey goes to formula, it will be okay with me. Of course, breastmilk is still my first choice, though. I am pumping and freezing as much as I can, and I am so proud of my stash in the freezer!

Reading with Grandmommy

Andrew and Grandmommy read Thanksgiving stories after lunch yesterday.  More pictures to come whenever I get some free time...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Andrew may look just like his daddy...

but he loves McDonald's sweet tea like his mama!  I promise that he does not get that much:)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

My Emeril

Joey worked hard tonight on his marinade to go inside of the turkey. It is going to be so yummy!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts

Andrew works on a craft each day at school. I love all of his art. Here are some of his recent masterpieces.

He wore his hat home from school.

Another turkey:

This poor turkey lost an eye!

His coloring is so funny to me. He is much more interested in eating the crayons than coloring.

His teacher colored the hair, and Andrew colored the body.

Here is my little artist hard at work making a picture for his dad.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am exhausted from staying up all night!

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Monday, November 14, 2011


Both boys napping at once:)  Andrew is on the left, and Joey is on the right.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What happened to JACOB?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that our boy name during the pregnancy was Jacob. You also know that the purpose of this blog is to provide a journal for my children, so I wanted to explain to record for my son how his name was changed (literally) seconds before delivery. Some people have asked me if it was a trick to throw people off in order to keep our real name a secret, but it was not. Here is what happened...

After church on Sunday (the day before delivery) I was watching television in my bedroom and started thinking that I really didn't like the name Jacob for our son. I love the name itself, but I don't like that it did not have any meaning for our family. All of the other names that we have ever picked were named after someone. Jacob was just picked because I liked it. Anyway, Joey walked into the bedroom and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was thinking that I didn't want to name our son Jacob. He thought I was kidding, and I really think that he thought I was just playing with him.

Well, we kept talking about it all night. We were down to three names...Jacob, Joseph or Jackson. We both knew that we wanted to keep the initials JKG...Joey's initials are JKG. I loved Jackson, but again he wouldn't be named after anyone. I also didn't like that I would always think of the president Andrew Jackson when I said my children's names. So, we were down to Jacob or Joseph. We both liked Joseph, but could not agree on what to call him. Joe Glasgow would be a rhyming name, Joey might be too confusing, and I just didn't really like Joseph as a first name. The more I thought about the name Joey, the more I really started to like it, but I was now thinking that maybe I was making a bad decision switching from Jacob. We decided to let Andrew pick. We crumpled up paper with names on it, placed the paper on his highchair, and agreed to go with whatever he selected. Well, he picked Jacob. I realized that I did have a preference because I was sad that he had selected that piece of paper. Joey and I decided to discuss it later because we said that we might be having a girl anyway.

The next day at the hospital, we still did not have a name. Our nurse and doctor both weighed in on their opinions and it is pretty much all that Joey and I talked about before the delivery. Honestly, I felt a little sorry for our nurse who had to hear us talk about it for hours. We went back and forth so many times. I was even having contractions as we were talking. At one point I said, I can't talk about this anymore until I get an epidural!

A few minutes before delivery, we decided that the official name would be Joseph Keith Glasgow, but we were still unsure of what we would call him. However, when the baby was born (before I was even told if it was a boy or a girl) I saw his face. He looked just like Joey, so we went with that. I do admit that it is confusing at times. It seems as if many people are calling him Baby Joey, and I am okay with that. That is not something that will stick through life like Jr. or (my least favorite) JJ for Joey Jr.--I will hurt you if you call my child that! We will figure out a system that works, but I can't think of a better person to be named after!

Big Brother Present

Andrew has had so many changes this week in his little life that we decided that he needed a "Big Brother Present." So, here is his new Thomas the Train tent, tunnel, and ballpit. He LOVES it! My neat, organized husband now spends his day picking up and putting the balls back in the pit as Andrew throws them all out. He likes to hide in this tent and pop out when we ask, "Where's Andrew?"

Going through the tunnel:

He played wearing his Indian hat from school. I think he looks so cute. I need to do a post of all of his Thanksgiving artwork. I love seeing what he works on each day. You can't tell in this picture, but he drew on each of his feathers with crayons.

While Andrew played, my Joeys watched their first Alabama game together. Roll Tide