Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Few Firsts

Andrew had a few firsts this weekend. We went for our first walk around the neighborhood. He seemed to enjoy it, but it's hard to tell. He looked around and didn't cry, so we considered it a success.
When we got home from our walk, Joey pulled out several presents from showers that we had not yet used. Andrew used his swing for the first time, and here he is on his playmat for the first time.

We also got to see Andrew's belly button for the first time on Saturday when his cord fell off! We were so excited. Now, we can stop the sponge baths that he hates so much. He is growing up so fast--two weeks old today!
Another first coming up: meeting all of his family from Virginia this weekend:)

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  1. He's so precious!! Looks like you guys are doing great! I would love to come by for a visit sometime! And you look beautiful, as always!