Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things Only We Know

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you already know that I don't blog for you! As much as I appreciate your interest in our family, I carve time out of my week to blog for my children. I blog to store our family's memories for them one day. I blog in case it is the Lord's will that I am not around as they grow up. I want them to have their mother's words and stories saved. So, this post is for you, Andrew. Here are three things that I bet no one knows but the two of us:

1. The first words that I ever said to you were, "Hey, Buddy!" By the way, this was a few minutes after you were born. This was when you were actually handed to me. The first words I said immediately after birth were. "Thank you, Jesus." Then, your dad and I kissed and told each other that we loved each other. We were both crying and overwhelmed with love for you.

2. Whenever I rock you to sleep (both naps and bedtime) I always hum "Because He Lives." I don't know why I never change it up, but I don't.

3. When I lay you down in your crib, I say the same three things each time.
Night Night***Sweet Dreams***I love you
They are always in that order, too.

I love you, buddy!

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