Monday, April 11, 2011

T-Ball and a Thief

Cade and Cole had their first t-ball game on Saturday. They are on the Fireballs team. Cole played first base: Cade on deck:
Andrew loves to stare at/touch Paw Paw's beard.
My boys watched from the sidelines. Joey doesn't give up his favorite hat to just anybody.
Glasgow boys after the game:
On a sad note, we have a thief in our house. As I was putting Andrew in his carseat this morning, I noticed something black tucked down in it. I knew what it was right away--a napkin from the restaurant that we went to after church yesterday. I tried to take it back today, but I forgot that the restaurant was closed on Mondays. So, we will return it and apologize tomorrow. Here is my little man with his loot!

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