Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finding Out

Before I tell you about finding out that we were having Baby Glasgow #2, I want to take you back to September 2009. There is a reason, I promise! During this time, Joey and I were trying for our first baby. I was using ovulation strips to test each morning, we were counting the days in my cycle, and doing anything that others had told us would increase our chances no matter how ridiculous it sounded. So, in September, I was certain that I was pregnant. My body is very predictable, and I was late. I took a test each day, but each one came up negative. By my fifth day of being late, I was so confused. How could I be five days late (which had absolutely NEVER happened) and not pregnant? Being that I was pretty ignorant, I just assumed that I was pregnant and that it was too early to show up on a test. I began planning how I would tell Joey the big news. I knew that I wanted to incorportate Ralph, so I went and bought a "Big Brother" shirt for him. My plan was to put the shirt on Ralph before Joey came home as soon as I got a positive test. The next morning (a Sunday) I realized that I was not pregnant. I had gotten up to get ready for church but got so upset that I crawled back into bed and spent the majority of the day crying. I saw the Big Brother shirt later that day, and it was too hard to look at so I tucked it away in the closet. We actually got pregnant 2 months later in November 2009. I got so excited when I saw the test that I screamed and told Joey right away. Later, I regretted telling him that way instead of going through with my original plan of putting the shirt on Ralph. Fast forward 1 1/2 years... On Wednesday, March 2, 2011, I came home from church and was so tired. Wednesdays are such long days for our family. I packed Andrew's lunch and bag for school that night and my mind started wandering. I began trying to figure out the days of my cycle as I packed. Joey and I had decided in January that we would start counting our days, doing ovulation sticks, etc during the month of March for our second child, but that we would not do anything to prevent a baby before that. I finished packing the bags and came to the conclusion that there was a small chance that I could be pregnant. I walked to the bathroom and took this test: Then, I cried (tears of joy) in the bathroom but did not scream this time. I was determined to stay composed. I dug in my closet to find that shirt that had been so painful for me to look at a year and a half ago. Joey and Andrew were playing on the playmat in the den. Without saying a word, I walked up to Andrew and put the shirt on him. It's a size 2T so it swallowed him, but I love that I finally got to use it. I didn't get a very good picture of him because I was crying and talking to Joey, but here is one of him in the shirt still playing on the playmat seconds after Joey found out:

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