Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful first Easter with Andrew. However, our weekend did not go as planned. Here were our plans for the weekend:
Friday night-Joey's birthday dinner with friends
Saturday-friend's wedding
Sunday-church and then dinner with Joey's family

Daycare called me at work on Friday and told me that Andrew had a fever. So, we ended up staying home the entire weekend. We called all of our friends and told them that we would not be going out for Joey's birthday. I tried to get Joey to go without us, but he said that he wasn't leaving us. We missed my friend's wedding, and we did not go to church this morning. I have never missed Easter morning, but he had not been fever free for 24 hours. We did have Joey's family over for dinner because Andrew had not had any fever since Saturday evening. Despite all of this, Andrew still had a great time celebrating Easter.

The bunny came!
I just had to put him in his Easter outfit even though he wasn't going to church.

He loved looking at everything in his basket.

Then, he started pulling all of it out and trying to eat it.

The Easter bunny brought him a new duck towel, books, pacifiers, rattles and then several things that he needed for his beach trip this summer--swim trunks, swim shirt, hat, and....
sunglasses! I was shocked that he actually liked wearing them. The bunny brought his best buddy (Jon Ivan) a matching pair!

I was surprised at how excited he was about all of his new stuff. I didn't really think that he would care, but he wanted to play with it some more after I took off his outfit.

This afternoon, we just relaxed around the house. I cooked a little for the family to come over, but we mainly just watched tv and played. Andrew can entertain himself for quite a long time with my toes.

These are so fun!

Around 5:00, family started coming over to eat supper. Aunt Debbie (Joey's mother's sister)and Andrew:

Uncle George (Joey's mother's brother), Aunt Debbie, and Andrew

Always a sucker for facial hair:

Aunt Debbie, Andrew, Cade, and Jan:

The cousins play on the floor with George's wife, Laura.

Cade and Cole read a story to Andrew.

Laura's daughter, Lena, with Aunt Debbie and Andrew:

Paw Paw watched The Berenstain Bears with Cade and Cole.

Whenever we are with Aunt Laura, Andrew seems to absolutely love her!
Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. I hate that he is still sick and y'all had to miss church! So, are you thinking it is hand foot and mouth now?