Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joey...again!

The Reneau side of the family celebrated Joey's birthday yesterday. Because there are so many children now, we meet at Chick-fil-a so the kids have somewhere to play.  For some reason, my computer makes me post one picture before it will let me start typing. So annoying!  The picture above is Steve with Joey.  Here is Daddy with Amelia.
 Mama and Joey talk to Andrew.
 Then, Andrew sneaks some tea from his grandaddy.
 Watching Andrew play:
 Grandmommy and Grandaddy with Amelia and Joey:
 Cousins-only 7 weeks apart:
 Joey and Susan discussing something:
 Steve and Amelia:
 Three Reneau kids with three of the cousins-Andrew was getting his diaper changed.  I like John Marshall's wave:)

 John Marshall and Andrew--notice their overprotective grandmommy's arm and leg blocking the opening!
 Happy Birthday!
 What???  I get to eat cake with my breakfast?  This is GREAT!

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