Sunday, May 6, 2012

Joey's First Bite of Food

 Joey will be 6 months old tomorrow.  My intention was to wait until his 6 month birthday to start him on food, but I was worried that Big Joey would not get home from work in time to see him take his first bite.  I cheated and let him start two days early.  He did some sitting in the highchair during the afternoon to prepare for the big event!

 With both of my boys, I start with rice cereal.
 Then, we move to oatmeal. We follow the "three day rule" where we do not introduce any new foods for three days to make sure that there are not any allergies.  After the oatmeal, I think I did sweet potatoes with Andrew.  I really can't remember, so I guess I will have to pull out last year's blog book soon.  I have Joey's food made and ready to go.
 We videotaped his first bite, and I took a TON of pictures.  However, I am positive that this picture is his actual first bite of rice cereal.
 He loved it!

 Now, my boys are able to eat together:)

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