Saturday, August 27, 2011

Party Animal

Andrew was a social butterfly this weekend. He had out of town friends come to see him and went to two birthday parties. Lately, he is so easy to travel with because we have downgraded from the big diaper bag to this cute backpack. He just does not need as much as he used to when we travel. He normally takes a back up outfit, some diapers/wipes, and the rest of the backpack is stuffed with....take a wild guess...books! Some of my favorite people from Wetumpka came to Tuscaloosa on Saturday. Here is Andrew with Ryan. Ryan was one of my best friends throughout high school, and we were in the youth group together at church. Andrew had just woken up from a nap when this was taken.

Here is Mariella--Ryan's mother and one of my mom's best friends. She is always spoiling Andrew with new clothes and toys.

After our friends left, Andrew went to a princess themed birthday party for Ashlyn Ryan, a little girl from our church. I forgot to take any pictures at this party, but it was really cute. Then, we went to a train themed party later in the evening for Ayden and Avery Mapp--also friends from church. Joey got off of work in time to join us at the park for that party.

There was a train for us to ride around the park. Andrew seemed to enjoy it.

Joey and I could not agree on whether the person who drives the train is a conductor or an engineer. Here we are with that person...whatever he is called! I love this picture because of Andrew's face. He is yelling "Da-da" at the top of his lungs. Double click on the picture to get a closer look.

Now, we come to the highlight of Andrew's day. He ate cheese puffs at the party. Actually, he devoured them.

The pictures do not even come close to capturing how much he loved the cheese puffs. He never gets to eat anything like this. I want him to be so healthy, but Joey and I also realize that a diet of only organic, fresh food is not realistic. While that is what he eats the majority of the time, we want him to (every once in a while) get to go crazy. He was grabbing cheese puffs from other adults' hands, reaching for the bag, and stuffing his face!

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