Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Trip

We went on our first family beach trip last week. We spent 6 nights in Seachase Condominiums, and it was wonderful. We are not sure why, but Andrew becomes a terrible sleeper whenever we are away from home. That part was not fun at all, but we did have a really good time.

Like his mama, Andrew is a "people watcher." He enjoyed sitting out on the balcony eating his meals and watching all of the action on the beach.
This was his first day on the beach. He did not like sand touching his hands. He did like banging his sand toys together to make noise. When we tried to show him how to play in the sand, he was not impressed. If he even had one grain of sand on his hand, he would show it to us. I was thankful for the bottled water in our cooler so that I could wash off his hands.

When we took him to the ocean for the first time, he cried. I was disappointed because I really wanted him to like it. We tried again the next day, and he did much better. I wouldn't say that he loved the ocean, but he tolerated it. I can't remember the exact day, but Joey got stung by a jellyfish early in the week. After that, Andrew did not go back in the ocean. I also watched a special on the Today Show early in the week on shark attacks, so that made me nervous for the rest of the week. Ha!

Sitting under our tent on the beach:

My boys dressed as twins before dinner at the Wharf one night. Notice Andrew's hand in this picture. He continues to love to grab ears.

Snuggling with Dada (notice the ear) in the condo:

On a rainy day, we went shopping at the Outlets. He helped his dad try on some glasses.

I put a hat on him, but...

he thought that it would look better on me!

Joey got a map for the outlets, but Andrew really wanted to be the one to hold it. He was our little tour guide.

My boys read the menu together at dinner one night.

Another day on the beach:

Andrew seemed to like being in the pool more than anything, and the water felt great!

Between all of the swimming and his horrible sleeping at night, he spent most of the week as a very tired little man. We had a lot of snuggle time.

Dinner at my favorite place--Cobalt:

Andrew got a little too comfortable and put his feet on the table.

Before dinner at LuLu's:At LuLu's:

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