Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Andrew is 1! We celebrated this weekend with a dinosaur themed party in honor of our one-a-saurus. When we first brought Andrew home from the hospital, one of Joey's coworkers gave us a lot of newborn onesies with dinosaurs on them. We always joked that he loved dinosaurs, so this party was fitting for him. I loved the little dinosaur onesies so much that I even have one of them framed in my bedroom. Here are some pictures from the party.

Our mailbox:
The cake:

The chicken nuggets were shaped like dinosaurs.

We had to have watermelon--Andrew's favorite:)

The gift table with Andrew's month by month pictures going down the stairs:

Kitchen table:

Andrew's cousin (Cade) with his dinosaur nose:

Andrew's cousin (Cole) with his dinosaur nose:

I can't believe that my little buddy is one. Look at his cute dinosaur outfit.

We had a slideshow of our favorite pictures playing throughout the party.

Andrew got so many presents! He has loved playing with all of his new stuff.

Joey with Andrew and John Marshall:

Andrew is such a lucky little boy with so many people who love him. We invited our family and friends from our Sunday School class. I did not do a good job of getting pictures of everyone, but here are some of the family/friends who came.

Robin and Leanna Thurston:

We did invite one friend from daycare. Andrew would have been very upset with me if his best buddy (Jon Ivan Thomas) was not there. I work with Jon Ivan's mom, and our boys are very close. Here are the two of them with very serious faces!

Our wonderful Children's Minister, Lynne Payne:

All of Andrew's cousins were there. I loved John Marshall in the hat!

Karla and Emma Hodges:

I think that I was the most excited about Andrew eating his cake. However, I knew that he was not going to like it touching his hands. He really does not like to be dirty. He tried a couple of licks.

He really did not seem to like the taste, though. He never did smash it either. He just wanted me to clean his hands.

By this point, he was over it. He was ready for someone to clean him up.

We took some family photos after Joey cleaned him up. Here is Andrew with his aunts and uncles. Steve and Olivia could not make it because Steve had an emergency with a member of his congregation.

Jamie, Holly, Susan, and Marshall:

Andrew with some of our closest friends, Randi and Andy:

Crazy Boy Picture

All of the cousins---Cole, John Marshall, a bored/tired Andrew, and Cade:

Grandparents--David, Jan, Karen, and Bob:

Our family from Texas

Meredith, Michael, Cristy, Katie, and Holly:

Aunt Amy:

There are not even words to describe how much we love our little man. Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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