Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3rd Trimester

Today begins my third trimester with Jacob/Caroline. If you had told me on this day last year (when I was still in the hospital from having Andrew) that I would be starting my third trimester today, I would have laughed! It is really cool how far our family has come in one year.

In this picture, I am almost 28 weeks and Susan is about 35 weeks. Baby Amelia will be here soon. This picture was also taken on my parents' 35th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!
Jacob/Caroline continues to do well. I failed my one hour glucose test (same with Andrew) but passed the three hour test. I have said it before, but this baby is SO much more active than Andrew. I used to do nightly "kick counts" with Andrew to make sure that he was moving enough. I have not done any kick counts with this baby because there is no need. He/she rarely stops moving. I still love being pregnant. My ankles do swell and hurt after standing up all day to teach. During Andrew's third trimester, I was on summer vacation, so it is a new experience for me to work during these weeks. I have no idea how much weight I have gained. I have not weighed myself since I became pregnant. My nurse knows not to tell me at appointments either. I do not want to know. I think it may be a very scary number:)

Joey and I have talked about inducing with this baby. Our reasons being:
1. If we go into labor in the middle of the night again, we have to have a plan for Andrew. We have sweet friends who are willing to come over and keep him, but we hate to do that to anyone. We don't want family keeping him because we want them at the hospital.
2. We know that I labor quickly and my parents almost missed the birth of Andrew.
3. Because I labor quickly, we need to leave for the hospital as soon as I have contractions so waiting on childcare for Andrew could be a problem.
4. I did not like the doctor who delivered Andrew. I did not get my regular doctor because I went in the middle of the night. An induction would guarentee that I get my doctor.

With all of that being said, we are NOT going to induce. If you reread all of the above reasons, there is not a single one that states that the decision is being made because it is what is best for Jacob/Caroline. We have decided to trust in the Lord's timing and let this little one come when it is ready. We will just have to find ways to handle everything else. The risks associated with inductions are not worth it to us.

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  1. Whew, I was sooooo glad to get to the end of your post about the induction. I was reading it and I was LIKE NOOOOOO!!!! We induced Braelyn Ann. It was the only way for my husband to come home from VA and be here for the birth and we both hated it. I had a picture perfect induction and gave birth to a HUGE 10.12 baby 6 days early. But I still hate everything about it. There was so much risk involved, I hate taking any meds you don't need, and we have no cute story =( I think that makes me the most sad. If my husband had been here like he was suppose to be and not 7 hrs away we NEVER would have done it. We don't have any family any where near us. I would take some friends up on there offer =) Maybe see if you can go ahead and give them a car seat and take Andrew with you as you head to the hsp. Of figure out a place to meet on the way to exchange him so you don't have to wait. It will all work out =)