Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Children's Hospital Visit

We went to Children's Hospital earlier this month to get a second opionion on Andrew's breathing troubles. Our pediatrician told us that he was showing the early signs of asthma and put him on a nightly inhaler. We took all of our old x-rays to Birmingham and let a specialist look at them as well as the inhalers.

When we checked in, Andrew got a hospital bracelet on his foot.
He then spent the rest of the day trying to get it off.

We waited FOREVER, but it was well worth it. Andrew entertained himself by taking the paper off of the bed and putting it on his head...over and over again!

Thankfully, Joey had a book to read.

Andrew got a really good report. The doctor agreed that he is showing the early signs of asthma but feels confident that it will clear up around the age of three. He took him off of the nightly inhaler, changed his inhaler, and told us that we only had to use it when he needed it. He has not needed it once since we have been home. I have never really dealt with asthma before except for students in my classroom, so we asked a lot of questions. At this age, there are three reasons why a baby would be showing these signs. I will spare the details, but Andrew fell into the best of the three categories, so we do not expect him to have asthma if we follow this plan correctly. Just to be on the safe side, we are going to continue to take him to Children's to have his breathing checked and to make sure that our treatment plan is correct. We do not go back again until October.

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  1. Kercher had some breathing issues around the same time. We only had issues for a few months and that was it. It is really early to diagnos something like that and really common for kids to need a breathing treatment or inhaler. I am gald he got a good report and hopefully you will endup the same way we did =) without asthma =)