Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Sunday

Today was a very busy (but fun) day for our family. The morning started out with my two boys getting ready for church. One of my friends from work gave him this cute outfit.
Andrew stayed in the nursery at church for the first time this morning. I was really nervous about it, but he did great. I LOVE the people who work in the nursery at our church. I felt so comfortable leaving him with them. I did sneak out of Sunday School for a few minutes to check on him, and he seemed to be having a good time. I planned on taking him to the service with us, but he was sound asleep in a swing when I went to get him so I let him stay.
After church, we went out to lunch with a family in our Sunday School class and then went to Target. Andrew and I took long naps this afternoon, and Joey mowed the grass. Then, it was time to celebrate Halloween!
As always, Joey made us get WAY too much candy:
To get the candy this year, trick-or-treaters had to face a VERY SCARY shark!
We sat on the porch together and handed out candy.
Our neighbor, Charli, came over to visit with her sweet ladybug. Our babies were both born the same week.
Our neighborhood had a BBQ party. We loaded Andrew up in his stroller and walked over to get dinner.
Of course, he did what he does best. This baby sure does love to sleep!

He met a sweet lamb (Rylie Gray) at the BBQ.
We sure did love spending our first Halloween with our little man. I always tell people that Andrew is such a "daddy's boy." Besides being his identical twin, Andrew is completely in love with Joey. He rarely takes his eyes off of him. Look at him staring at his daddy in this picture.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. How precious!! He is so cute! I'm glad I got to sneak into the nursery and snuggle with Andrew! He's a doll! And i love that little shark outfit, I wish I could've come trick or treating there, because he is sweeter than any candy!