Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Andrew and I went to his daycare today to turn in his paperwork and spend some time with his teachers. I go back to work on Friday, November 12th. He will start daycare on Monday, November 8th. He will just go for a couple of hours the first few days to let him make the transition. I will be able to get things prepared for my classroom so that I am ready to teach on Friday. The thing that I am the most concerned about is getting both of us dressed and out the door each morning. I will use the first part of the week to practice doing this.

Here is my little man before leaving the house. The pumpkins on his shirt spell out his name.
No Halloween outfit in complete without Frankenstein socks:) Here is Andrew with one of his teachers, Mrs. Jennifer. She is really the reason why we chose this daycare. I love her! I taught her son in kindergarten and third grade, and we just hit it off. It is so nice to know that Andrew will be loved on throughout the day. I never have to worry if he is being mistreated. It gives me such a peace to know that she will be taking care of him.

Andrew "helped" Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Melissa (another one of his teachers) feed the big kids. Melissa's children also attend my school, but I have never taught them. I loved watching her with the little babies while I was there today. She would talk to each of them about how much Jesus loved them:) Andrew has another teacher (Mrs. Kelly) and I taught her daughter as well. She is also a wonderful, loving person.

Andrew had his eye on this pretty little girl today. They are only 4 days apart in age.

It's hard work being at daycare!

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