Friday, October 15, 2010

2 months

Our baby boy is 2 months old today! He is still a wonderful baby and the love of our lives! Andrew weighs 13.4 pounds now. I started working last week on getting him on a schedule. Our routine is simple: eat, play, sleep. We repeat this routine every three hours.

Andrew is beginning to sleep pretty well at night, too. He still goes to bed around 9:00, but wakes up for the first (and usually only) time at 2:00 instead of 12:00. At one month, he refused to go back to bed after 4:30, and now he will sleep until around 5:30. I told my mom the other day that I actually enjoy our time together during the night. He is just so stinking cute, and I love our snuggle time together. I was rocking him this morning at 6:03 (his birth time) and teared up a little bit just thinking about how much I love him and how thankful I am to be his mommy.

Here is Andrew's two month picture. I also put his one month underneath it for comparison.

Here is Joey's two month baby picture. It is hard for me to find any differences between my two boys. They really are identical:)

Last night, our family went to dinner at Outback with Randi and Keith. Andrew was so well behaved. He looked at people as they spoke and took a short nap. Afterwards, Randi and Keith played with Andrew.

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