Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wetumpka and Paw Paw's House

Andrew made his first trip to Wetumpka this weekend. Joey had to work, so I took him by myself--BIG MISTAKE! Andrew does fine in the car as long as someone is sitting in the back to give him his pacifier if it falls out. Obviously, I could not do this while I was driving. He got so upset on the trip down that I cannot even count how many exits I took to comfort him. I know that many people believe in letting children "cry it out." I am not one of them. I believe in comforting my upset child and letting him know that I am there for him. The more I parent the less I care what others think of me. I may change my opinion on this one day, but I really don't think that I will ever know that he is in distress and not do everything in my power to help him. Anyway, I called my parents and they came to Prattville to meet us-thank goodness. My mom drove the rest of the way to Wetumpka and I was able to comfort him in the back seat. My sweet parents then drove us back to Tuscaloosa the next day so that he would not have to get so upset again. My mom rode with me and my dad followed us so that he could take my mom back home. I am not going to travel out of town with Andrew alone again until he is able to put his pacifier back in his mouth independently! It's just not worth it.

Other than our travel issues, Andrew did wonderfully in Wetumpka. On Saturday, we spent the day at my parents' house watching football, napping, and eating yummy food. On Sunday, Andrew went to the church where I grew up and Joey and I got married. Here he is in his cute fish outfit before church:
Our first stop at church was my kindergarten Sunday School class. When I was in this very classroom 23 years ago, Mrs. Tyler (sitting down in black) was my teacher. It's amazing that she is still teaching the very same class today!
After the service, Andrew met so many people!

Meeting Celestra and Susan: Last night, we went for our weekly visit to Paw Paw's house.

Paw Paw and Jan have started a gift basket tradition at their house. There is a basket in the kitchen that always has presents for the grandchildren. Every week, Cade and Cole rush to the basket to see their new surprises. Now, there is always a third present in the basket. Last night, Cade and Cole got a new shirt with 3D glasses and Andrew got the rattle that you see Jan holding in the next picture.

Joey and I rarely get to hold him when we visit:)

Andrew has really started smiling. He is so precious. He also tries to imitate our sounds and facial expressions--especially when I make my mouth into a big 0. He has started sleeping in a 6 hour stretch at night--WOO HOO! He is just really a fabulous, perfect baby! He was napping today, and I was watching Oprah. I really don't like Oprah that much, but I was captivated by this certain show. It was about parents who had lost all three of their children on the same day in a car crash. This type of show would have made me sad before being a mom, but now thinking of that is almost unbearable. I went and woke Andrew up from his nap (yes, I know that's crazy) and just loved on him. During the days after his birth, my prayers were consumed with gratitude to God for him. I believed that those feeling would subside after the "newness" of having a baby wore off. They have not, and I continue to be overwhelmed with love and pure gratitude for my precious baby boy.

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  1. Uh-oh! Noah and I will be taking our first trip home, just the two of us, next week. I was already nervous but now I may need to re-evaluate!! Ha!

    I was watching Oprah yesterday while Noah slept in my arms. I was a mess!

    Andrew is a cutie :)