Sunday, April 29, 2012

If this isn't helpful, then I don't know what is!

 I have posted before about how much Andrew likes to stack and group things together.  He would really rather do this instead of playing with toys.  He loves to get all of the shoes or socks from the house and put them in one place.  Last week, he discovered the cabinet where I keep all of our pitchers and sweet tea maker.  He takes everything out of this cabinet and groups them together in different places in our house.

Here are the contents of the cabinet in front of our recliner.

 Here they are in front of the refrigerator.
 Even though his stacks/groups make huge messes around our house, he does do his part to keep the house clean.  He saw me sweeping the other day, and he had to try.  Now, he has learned where we keep the broom and drags it out frequently to "sweep" the house.

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