Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy 34th Birthday, Joey!

 Joey celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday.  Andrew worked very hard decorating a card for his dada.  When Joey got home from work, we had presents waiting on him.  He got a lot of new clothes.
 He also got moosehead eggnog glasses like the ones that Cousin Eddie used in Christmas Vacation.
 This was Andrew's card.  I let him pick it out.  Once I realized that it said "step-dad,"  I tried to make him get another one.  He was not having it and insisted that this was his card!
 Exhausted from opening presents:
 Birthday love from Andrew:
 Birthday love from Joey:
 I planned a surprise dinner with our friends that night.  We went to Firebird's in Birmingham which is Joey's favorite restaurant.  They really do have the best steaks that I have ever had.

Happy Birthday, Joey!  We all love you!

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