Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter was really fun this year since Andrew was old enough to participate. We also enjoyed spending Joey's first Easter with him. Andrew's class had a party at school. I thought the cupcakes above were really cute. They also had an egg hunt.He was really excited that I let him eat some of his Easter treats on the way home from school.On Saturday, our church sponsored a huge Easter celebration called Easterfest. There were activities for all ages. Andrew enjoyed the duck pond until he was told that he could not take a bath in it. I was not sure what this game was, but my boys played it.Andrew felt like the minister was waiting too long to say, "go." He enjoyed hunting the 14,000 eggs all by himself for a few seconds.Andrew also got his face painted for the first time ever. In honor of his beloved Clifford, he got a red paw print.Hi from Easterfest!Andrew danced to the praise music.He spotted some woof woofs, pitched a fit when we wouldn't let him touch them, and we all went home.The Easter Bunny visited our house on Sunday morning.Happy First Easter to our sweet little buddy!I like this picture because it shows the boys' outfits. The belt was my favorite part.Andrew played with one of his new games while Joey got a bottle before church.Here are my attempts to get a picture of both of my boys smiling together-FAIL!Distracted by woof woof on tv:I got Joey to smile!

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