Tuesday, February 2, 2010

12 weeks

Because we will not have another ultrasound until 15 weeks, I am posting an image from the internet of what the typical fetus looks like at 12 weeks. We are thrilled to have reached this point! This was our original date of when to officially announce our pregnancy, but my growing bump made the secret pretty impossible to keep. I spend at least an hour each day reading about the development of our baby, things that I can be doing to help him/her develop, and I also try to read about newborns even though that seems so far away. I am amazed at how much a baby develops in a week. Here are some of the highlights from week 12:
**The organs and systems are fully formed--now they are just growing and strengthening.
**The baby is about the size of a large plum.
**His/her bone marrow has started making white blood cells.
**The toes and fingers are no longer webbed, and he/she has the ability to put a thumb in his/her mouth...sucking will come later!
I will try to take a "belly bump" picture later today, but Joey is sleeping right now since he is on night shift. I have not seen much of a change in this area.

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