Tuesday, January 26, 2010

11 week bump

One of my students told me today, "Mrs. Glasgow, it's like you're getting fatter everyday!" Clearly, anyone can see why our original plan of waiting until we were 12 weeks to tell everyone was not going to work! The funny thing is that I am still several pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant because of all of the sickness, and my lack of an appetite. Thankfully, the appetite seems to be picking up a little.

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  1. Emily! You look fantastic! Congratulations to YOU!!! Thanks for your comment on our blog and that is so funny about your students...I feel the same way! It is hard to not share/reveal the news to them. One student of mine told me while I was pregnant with Sullivan, "We just thought you'd been eating a few more brownies lately..." Ha! :) Best of luck as you navigate the pregnancy!