Monday, February 15, 2010

One long post coming up...

While this is technically a BABY blog, I do feel like I should take a moment to tell about the greatest Valentine in the world! I know the last post was all about how wonderful Joey is, so I will refrain from doing that again, but he really did make my day this weekend with his thoughtfulness. are my TWO DOZEN roses. What did I do to deserve this you ask? Well, here is the story! Friday was an unexpected snow day in Tuscaloosa, so we did not go to school. Joey (unknown to me) had already arranged for a dozen roses to be delivered to me at school on Friday. We had previously discussed that we were just going to give each other cards this year for Valentine's Day and spend our money on a nice meal together, so I really was not expecting flowers. Friday afternoon, our school secretary called me and told me that the UPS man had brought my flowers to her house (she lives close to the school) since he could not deliver them to school. Without even thinking, I hung up the phone to call my mom and thank her for the flowers because I just knew that Joey had not sent them since we were just doing cards this year. After she told me that it wasn't her, I called Joey. He told me that it was him, and I was touched that he had done it but also feeling guilty because I had stuck to the "cards only" rule. When I started explaining this to him, he tells me that there is more. After realizing that school was going to be closed, he was scared that I would not have any flowers for Valentine's Day, so he called the company and ordered me a second dozen roses to be delivered to the house. That is how I ended up with two dozen roses. Is that not incredibly thoughtful? Needless to say, I have his favorite potatoes cooking right now--I normally only make them for holidays, but I thought that I would surprise him when he comes home!

Another very special flower that I received for Valentine's Day came from a student in my classroom. Every year, our school does a fundraiser where students may purchase carnations and send them to anyone in the school that they want. I have a sweet little boy in my class who has taken a special interest in this pregnancy. He checks on me constantly, tells the other students to quiet down so as not to disturb the baby, and is very protective of me in general. He is truly a compassionate, caring person, and I love how genuinely concerned and attached he is to this child. Anyway, the flowers were delivered today to the classrooms, and I did not notice this flower at first. I was touched by all of the flowers that my students had bought for me, but take a close look at the tag on this flower!
He bought this flower for Baby sweet! I later asked his mother if it was his idea or her idea, and she said that it was his idea and that she had actually asked him if he was sure that he didn't want to buy for a friend instead. He was certain that this is who he wanted his flower to go to. I try not to cry in front of my students, but for some reason this flower meant so much to me that it did made me tear up.
As we enter into the second trimester, the pregnancy becomes more and more of a reality to me and I am starting to do things that I initially put off. The weeks are starting to fly by, and I am quickly realizing how much there truly is to do. People ask us how the nursery is coming, and we just laugh because we have done absolutely NOTHING in there! So, to feel a little productive, I sat down last night and filled out a lot of paperwork. I did all of our pre-admission forms (brilliant idea) so that we will not have to worry with them when we go for delivery.

Joey and I also started filling out the information to sign up for classes. There are several different options, but we have decided to take all of the classes that pertain to us. Here is a short list of some of the classes offered, but there are many more. We do not actually start attending classes until after I reach 20 weeks.

In other pregnancy news, I had my first craving (that I am aware of) today. I went into Publix after school to pick up a couple of things. I have a standard route--produce first, everything else, cold stuff. However, today I made a beeline for the one thing on my mind--PICKLES! I think it is funny that I was craving pickles because to me that is the most stereotypical thing that a pregnant woman can want, but there must be a reason behind the stereotype. I do not buy pickles, and soon realized that I knew the taste of the pickle that I wanted, but I did not know what kind of pickle that was-if that makes any sense. I wanted the kind that delis give you on the side of your plate when you order a sandwich. I finally decided that I would go with dill (and that was the right choice), but then began the 15 minute quest to find a pickle that did not contain high fructose corn syrup in the juice--not an easy job! Thankfully, I found it and I have eaten four pickles since I have been home, and they are DELICIOUS!
I also decided at Publix that the time has come to start rubbing Cocoa Butter on my body everyday. Even though I have not gained any weight, I really do not want stretch marks. Here is the kind that I bought, and it smells wonderful. Hopefully, it will work:) Does anybody know of a brand that is better?

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  1. Glad you had a great Valentine's!! Your student sounds so sweet - that almost made ME cry! I know what you mean about the time flying by - I can't believe how fast this is going!!! Can't wait to hear what you are having! I'm glad you thought to get the log-in from Jill - I don't mind at all!