Tuesday, February 16, 2010


At 14 weeks, Baby Glasgow is the size of a lemon! By now, the baby's neck is strong enough to raise its head off of its chest. He/she is now receiving all nutrition directly from the placenta. The baby also now has the ability to make a variety of facial expressions, and is starting to grow hair. The baby's hands are able to make a fist, and his/her fingerprints are already in place!
As for me, I am very excited that I am starting to gain a little weight. Since the start of my pregnancy, I have lost between 7 and 8 pounds. I have gained one of those pounds back this week. So even though I am still less than when I became pregnant, I am at least going in the right direction now. The pickle craving continues. I think that I could eat the entire jar in one sitting, so I have to limit myself! They are just so yummy! One thing that is not yummy...milk! I have hated it my entire life, and I still do. I have to force myself to drink it, and right now is especially critical as the bones are hardening. So, I'm off to get a glass right now (gag), and figure that I will do many things in my life for this child that I absolutely do not want to do. I will post a tummy picture soon.

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  1. I think we bought the same jeans! Let me know if you find any good stores in your area. I will have to visit them on my next trip home.