Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was there ever really any doubt? :) We had our appointment today, and most importantly, the baby was healthy and measuring correctly. He weighs about 5 ounces, and we could see his developing spine, his fingers, toes, nose, mouth, etc. His heartbeat was 153 bpm. When we started the ultrasound, he was curled over and his legs were "Indian Style." The lady performing the ultrasound said that he was in about the worst possible position, and I started to think, "Oh great, we aren't going to get to find out." We tried a couple of things though, such as laying me on my side and pushing the wand on my stomach a little harder to hopefully stir him, and finally he started to move. We got a clear shot, and clearly saw that it was a boy. Once he started moving, he put a tiny little foot right in front of the screen. It was precious. Then, he kept putting his hand next to his face and moving his fingers so that it looked like he was trying to snap them. He is so stinking cute!

After our appointment, Joey and I went to Target to buy a couple of outfits for our little man. It was really weird, and I kind of felt like I was shopping for one of our nephews instead of our child. We then went to Outback for a celebration dinner where we talked all about our little man.

We still do not have a boy name. In fact, we are really not even close to agreeing on one. We have very different opinions on what it should be, and we are trying to compromise. Hopefully, we will have one very soon. For now, we call him "little man" or "little buddy." I will post pictures tomorrow of the ultrasounds and our little man's new outfits. I am too lazy to walk upstairs to the scanner right now! It was a wonderful day! Thank you Jesus for our healthy baby boy!


  1. What a blessing for you and Joey! We are so excited for you both, and thank God for the good news of a healthy report.

  2. I am so thrilled for y'all. Boys are SO much fun!!! It will be really special for you and Susan to have boys so close in age. Also, thanks for your sweet comment about the video of James- he is too funny.