Monday, January 25, 2016

The Tallywhacker Talk

           Joey, I got a call from your teacher today while I was at work.  That is NEVER good.  I could tell something was wrong, but she was hesitant to say what.  Finally, she spilled it.  Apparently, you thought it would be a good idea to show your tallywhacker to all of your friends...several times! :(  She then told me you were sent to the director for your behavior. When the director told you it was not appropriate to show your tallywhacker, you asked her if she wanted to see it AND showed it to her.  I asked your teacher if I could speak with you.  Your sweet little voice answered the phone.  You were so excited to get to talk to me. We talked about keeping your tallywhacker hidden the rest of the day.  I couldn't get mad at you, because you kept telling me how much you loved me, and I could tell you truly did not understand what all the fuss was about.  I hope you have a wild son who does stuff like this one day!
      Andrew, after your brother's tallywhacker incident, it was nice to hear your teacher say you were such a wonderful boy today. You had to complete a project for homework.  Your assignment was to record the weather forecast.   You take projects very seriously and want absolutely NO help.  Have I mentioned how stubborn you are lately?  You did a great job, and you were so proud of yourself.  

          As we do every Monday, we went to Paw Paw's house for family night.  The big boys love to play Mario and Joey loves to snuggle his mama. 

         On the way home, I rode alone with little Joey.  I decided to discuss with him one more time about keeping his tallywhacker hidden tomorrow.  We talked about how inappropriate it was to pull it out unless you are going to the restroom, the fact that we do not talk about tallywhackers to friends, etc.  I felt like he was really understanding me. At the end of the conversation, Joey said, "Momb, do you want me to show my friends my tallywhacker tomorrow...yes or no?"  Ugh!  I give up!

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