Saturday, January 23, 2016

Let's try blogging again...

         I'm back!  Maybe!  So, I was upstairs tonight looking through my old blog books, and I got really sad that I stopped blogging for my boys.  I had forgotten so many of the stories I blogged about, and it made me really happy that the boys have their mama's words saved forever.  I haven't blogged in over a year.  I also ordered the remaining blog books that I had not had printed yet.  I'm going to try to blog occasionally. My goal is going to be to write more and post less pictures.  The images are not very good when the book is published, and I print our pictures for the boys anyway.  Here are some old blog books:
       The purpose of this blog is to preserve memories/stories/recipes for my boys.  I want them to be able to read things I wrote for them one day when they are grown men.  I also use the blog to share a few pictures, sometimes pictures that I wouldn't post on Facebook, like this one:
        Boys, this is y'all today! We went to one of your favorite restaurants, Newk's and then we went bowling.  Andrew, you are such a competitive little thing.  You would check the score after each bowl. Joey didn't even know the game had a score.  He was too busy dancing.  Pretty typical for y'all:)
To catch us up, I will do a quick "All About You" for each boy!

*You are 5.
*You go to Pre-K at my school, so we are right next door to each other.  I love seeing you at lunch each day.  You could have started kindergarten this year, but I decided to hold you back.  You were absolutely smart enough to start, but I did not want you to be the youngest in your class.  I am also in no rush to get you out of the house, and this gives us one more year with you at home before you graduate.  Yes, I am already thinking about that, son!
*You are incredibly smart.  You can read, do mental math that amazes me, and you can figure out anything.  I believe you have an engineer's mind like your daddy.
*You love Alabama football.  Your dad took you to Arizona for Alabama's 16th National Championship.   You remember all of the scores from the season and love to watch football games on television.
*Last year, you started playing baseball. You are pretty good when you try, but sometimes you are not really into it.
*You have a temper like your daddy...that's all I am going to say about that!
*You are beginning to really have questions about Jesus, Heaven, and salvation. You bring these things up a lot, and we have many discussions.  You have not committed your life to Christ yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened soon. 

*You are 4.
*You go to a church based daycare.
*You have the kindest, most loving heart.  You probably tell me 50 times a day that you love me and that we are best friends.   You also love to brush my hair out of my face and say, "You're per-bect, Momb."  Yes, you add a "b" to the end of "Mom."
*You are obsessed (and that is really not a strong enough word) with Mario.  You would play the Wii all day if we let you.
*You enjoy fine dining.  I often pack filet mignon or shrimp for your lunches at school.  You really LOVE to eat!
*You are still in speech class.  Your speech is so much better!  Strangers are able to understand you now. I don't think you will have to do it much longer, but you are so in love with your speech teacher that I hate to stop it.  One of my favorite things you say right now it, "What clock it is?"  when you want to know the time.
*You have absolutely no interest in sports.  I asked you to play baseball this year, and you told me you were only going to that place (the baseball field) to eat the popcorn.  You are adamant that you will not play any sports, and we don't want to push you.

The two of you are insanely protective of one another.  You are best friends 90% of the time. 

Boys, I did print all of our pictures from 2015 out.  They are in a dark blue album for you.  I am so sorry that you do not have a 2015 blog.  Love, Mama

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