Saturday, January 30, 2016

100th Day of School

Andrew and I have been in school together for 100 days!  Our school had a big celebration!  We dressed up as 100 year olds!  Here I am with my buddy!
He got so tickled every time he put his crazy wig on his head!
Andrew with his teacher, Mrs. Hick...we love her SO much!
Aprile Fields, Jill Jones, and me
Our school really is so much fun!

He had a new hat on at lunch. I think he was tired of all of the picture by this point.  He just wanted to eat his apple.  The table to the right of Andrew is where my class eats.  It is so cool that I get to eat next to him every day. 
Andrew wanted to bring a cake for his class, so we ordered this one.

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