Saturday, January 30, 2016


I'm really trying to get back in the habit of blogging, but it is so hard to make time to do it and remember. I want to document our normal activities for the boys to have to look back on one day.  Today has been a very typical Saturday for us.  We almost always go out to eat breakfast on Saturday.  We normally go to Edgar's.  We like to sleep late, go to a late breakfast and then go to nice dinner together.  We normally don't eat lunch on Saturdays. In between breakfast and dinner, we do birthday parties, errands, or sports practice.  So, here is our day today:
We started the morning with breakfast and play time at Chick-Fil-A.

     Baseball season starts soon, and Andrew needed new cleats.  We went by Dick's.  Joey asked to have his picture taken in front of all of the "beautiful shoes." Ha!
Andrew and Dad found the perfect pair.  Andrew and Joey, y'all both wear size 12.5.  It is so nice that y'all can wear the same size now. 
It used to not bother me to buy for one and not the other, because the boys were so little and did not realize what was going on.  Now, as they get older, it really bothers me.  Joey did not need any shoes, but he got to pick a new pair.  He really wanted some that had "strings" on them, so he got his first pair of tying shoes.  Like I said, the boys wear the same size, so any shoe we buy will get a lot of wear. 
He was so proud!
Now, we are back home.  Joey and I are at home doing laundry.  Big Joey and Andrew went to a field to practice baseball in his new cleats.  We are going out with friends tonight to Hokkaido for dinner.  I love Saturdays!

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