Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Saturday Morning

We started today like we do most Saturday mornings---at Cracker Barrel! Andrew and his daddy did some coloring while we waited on our food. A lady at the table next to us had a plate of bacon. Andrew was very frustrated with her that she would not share.

Then, it was time for a haircut. Andrew has had his hair trimmed twice, both times at the mall. I have not been pleased with the results either time. I asked around, and every mom suggested Kidz Kuts. Brilliant idea! Everything is designed for Andrew sized clients. Their chairs are trains, cars, jets, etc. You select the cartoon that you want to watch while you get your hair cut, and your stylist hands you a sucker when you sit down! Andrew sat in a train.
Look how long his hair had gotten in the back!Each chair has its own television. Watching some Mickey:It will be his turn before I know it.So big:)It was time for Andrew's nap when we got home, but Joey was wide awake! We played on his mat some.Then, he tried out the exesaucer for the first time. He only stayed in it for about five minutes, but he seemed to enjoy it. Happy Saturday!

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