Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day of B's...Blurry Smile, Bubble Bath, and Basketball

I was dressing Joey this morning and captured his smile on camera for the first time. Of course, it was blurry. I had to post it anyway since it was the first time that I have gotten a picture of him smiling.
Andrew took his first bubble bath tonight. I was so excited for him because I thought that he would absolutely love it. He loves to splash around and play with his toys each night, so I just knew that he would enjoy the bubbles. Once again, I forgot the clean hand obsession. What was I thinking? Here he is noticing for the first time that the bubbles have gotten on his hands.Help, Dada!Joey tried to push all of the bubbles away from him and cleaned his hands. He kept looking at them to make sure that they were clean. I was off work today, and Joey surprised me this morning by telling me that he had taken the day off as well. We tried to be productive and bought the boys' Easter presents. Andrew's big present was going to be a basketball goal. Small problem--Joey got so excited about it that he got it out and set it up as soon as we got home! I am kind of glad because Andrew LOVED it, and I was feeling guilty after the bubble bath incident.Like any good athlete, he had to get hydrated before the big game!I know this goal is VERY low, but I must brag on my child and say that he made 100% of his shots, and he shot a lot! Look at that sweet face! He was so proud of himself. We later raised the goal (I was videotaping by that point and don't have pictures) and he still did not miss a shot!

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