Friday, February 17, 2012

3 months

I am so late posting this, but HAPPY THREE MONTHS, JOEY! Here is some information about my favorite 3 month old:
*You are wearing size 6 month clothes.
*You are wearing size 1-2 diapers, but you really need the size 2.
*You roll over when you are swaddled in your crib. This causes you to wake up screaming. You have not rolled over on the floor yet.
*You generally only get up once or twice during the night. As long as you have a paci, you are a pretty good sleeper. Some nights, I have to get up several times to put your paci back in.
*You are called "The Snuggler" at daycare.
*You recognize me and smile when I pick you up each day.
*You love to laugh and make a grunting sound that we call "clearing your throat."
*You are currently on a soy based formula. We have had so many issues with your tummy this month--an entire post in itself. Despite several diet changes, you were not able to tolerate my breastmilk, so it is all sitting in a deep freezer for you in hopes that you will be able to drink it soon. The research on soy is scary, so I want you off of it ASAP, but it is the only thing that has given your stomach any comfort.
*You are a huge mama's boy.
*You like to be wrapped up like a burrito in your blanket.
*You love to be on the changing table.
*You like baths, and your favorite part is having your hair washed.
*Like your brother, you put your right arm above your head when you get sleepy.
*You do not have an ounce of patience when it comes to feeding. Once I hear even a whimper, I RUN to get a bottle because you will be screaming in a matter of seconds.
*You are very good in the car. You normally fall asleep when we ride.
We love you, buddy! It is hard to believe that you are already 3 months!

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