Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a very low-key day at our house this year. Really, it was just a normal day. The boys went to school, and Joey and I went to work. I did leave my camera with Andrew's teacher to take some pictures of his class party.
Both boys wore matching dinosaur shirts that said, "Mommy loves me BIG TIME!"My loves:My Joeys:We were all sitting in the nursery playing together on Valentine's night. As usual, Andrew pulled ALL of his toys and books out. He likes to sit down and surround himself with all of his stuff. I thought, surely he won't mind if I scoop him up for a quick picture with his daddy and brother...WRONG! I quickly put him back:)Joey gave me chocolates, a card, and roses!However, the best present that he gave me was taking care of the kids and letting me go to bed early...5:56 to be exact! Yes, you read that correctly. I thought that I was getting the flu, but I felt much better once I got some sleep.

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