Monday, May 16, 2011

My first Mothers' Day

I had a wonderful first Mothers' Day. My boys gave me a day at the spa as well as a new tv/dvd player/dvr for my bedroom. I LOVE to lay in bed and watch tv. Joey hates to watch tv in bed, so it really was a great present for me. Here is what my tv looked like before. It was sitting on an old desk from Target. I always threw things on the side of the desk. The cords were always everywhere, and I didn't have DVR. Here is my new tv. Ahhhh, I love it! I have DVR now, too. Joey spent hours getting it mounted and just right for me.

We all went to church that morning. This will be the only Mothers' Day I have with just Andrew. That makes me sad and excited at the same time.

All of my kids gave me a card. I think they got a little help from Dada to draw this picture of our family. I love it except for how mad Joey looks!

I will keep the sweet note that they wrote private, but here is the last bit. It was a great day.

On a side note, I want my children to know my feelings on this one day when they read this blog. Joey, don't read this part. You will be frustrated:)

It drives me CRAZY that everyone writes Mother's Day instead of Mothers' Day. Mothers' Day is a day to honor ALL mothers. Therefore, it is a plural possessive and not a singular possessive. The apostrophe should go AFTER the S, but even the Hallmark cards get it wrong. I know, I know...people say that you only have one mother to honor. Who actually only honors ONE mother on that day? The day itself is for all mothers, and each of us generally celebrate many women on this day. It is probably just the teacher in me, but it really gets on my nerves! Joey gets so tired of hearing me say this. He did fix the apostrophe on my card, though:) He probably just didn't want to hear me talk about it again!

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