Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Boy Food

At Andrew's 9 month check up, our pediatrician told us that he was ready for finger foods. So, we started him on a few different things this week. The first two things that he tried were puffs and yogurt snacks. He seems to really like both of them. It took him a few minutes to understand what to do, but he is getting the hang of it. I love how he smacks his food with his mouth wide open. We will have to work on this one day, but it is pretty cute right now. Picking up a yogurt bite:

Sweet boy feeding himself:

This is my first full day off of work. Daycare is open, but my buddy and I have been enjoying time together. I made him a waffle this morning.

I let him hold it just to get a funny picture, but then I broke it up into small pieces for him. He loved it, and he almost ate the whole thing.

Of course, he is still eating a lot of the pureed food that I make for him. He tried blueberries for the first time yesterday.


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  1. Cute pics! Where did you find the organic yogurt melts? I've only been able to find the puffs.