Thursday, May 26, 2011

16 weeks

I am 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. Right now, the baby is about the size of an avocado.
Here is a picture of what an average 16 week old fetus looks like. Some big developments this week are:
**The bones in the ears are now in place for our little one to hear.
**The baby has both eyebrows and eyelashes.

I went to the doctor today and everything looked good. My blood pressure was great, and the baby's heart sounded strong at 152 beats per minute. Today was the day that we could have found out what we were having, but I am trying to keep my promise to Joey that we will be surprised in the delivery room. We go back for another check up on June 23rd. Here is my bump at 16w2d. Look closely and you may find big brother's feet!

Did you find them? I like this picture because it has both of my kids in it. If only I could have gotten Ralph in there!

I'm still feeling really well. I still have not gotten sick with this baby once which is crazy considering how sick I was with Andrew. I don't have any cravings like I did with Andrew, and I don't seem to have the same problems with leg cramps and heartburn. I have not felt the baby move yet. I know that second time mothers feel it much quicker, so I am very excited about that. We are still working on names for the baby. We love our girl name, so we don't even discuss that. We go back and forth between a couple of boy names, so I will post something when we make a final decision. We know what we want the boy's initials to be, so that actually helps because it narrows the names down for us.

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