Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harder to Blog

Since going back to work, it has been much harder to find time to upload pictures and blog. We have had a busy week, so we have a lot of cute pictures to share. Andrew got sick for the first time last Wednesday. He had a terrible cold and an ear infection. Joey took Friday off to stay home with him. He is now on antibiotics and seems to be doing much better. Unfortunately, his sickness has made him a terrible sleeper at night. Before he got sick, we were so close to him sleeping through the night. Now, he is up every 3 hours again. Hopefully, he will go back to his normal routine once he is well.

With me spending more time in the nursery at night, Ralph is also spending more time on his rug in the nursery. Anytime I go in to rock or feed Andrew, Ralph comes to help me. He always lays on the rug right in front of the crib. I always want to get a picture of him, but it is always during the middle of the night. Joey finally got this shot of my sweet little boy on his rug.
Speaking of Ralph, he helped put up all of the Christmas decorations in the house. Joey won't put up the outside ones yet-he says that it's embarassing to have them up so early:)

I had my camera on the wrong setting for the next picture, but I had to post Andrew's first time in front of the tree. We will get a better one later.
On Monday, Andrew turned 3 months. I love looking at his monthly pictures and seeing how much he has grown. He is working so hard on rolling over and sitting up. He also learned how to splash tonight during his bath. He laughed and laughed as he was splashing. He is able to use his hands to actually do things--push a bottle away, grab my hand and push it away as I try to put saline drops in his nose, etc. He is also strong enough now to rock himself in his bouncer.

This picture was taken on a day that he was not feeling well. All he wanted to do was snuggle with his daddy.

I love dressing Andrew each morning for school. We went with a preppy look in a polo shirt yesterday.
Today was "Western Day" at school, so Andrew wore his overalls. After school we had to go to Sam's. Then, we came home for about 30 minutes before leaving for church. He used this time wisely by taking a quick nap in his dad's chair!

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