Friday, July 6, 2012

Desoto Caverns

Joey took a day off earlier this week, so we went to Desoto Caverns in Childersburg, Alabama.  Most of the activities are for older children, but we did some of them.  They have a splashpad that I knew that Andrew would love, but it was broken on the day that we went. 

Joey and Andrew rode the paddle boats.  At first, Andrew was not really sure about the noise that the water made as the wheel turned.
 Then, he decided that it was fun!

 Next, we rode the bumper cars.  I wish that my boys would wear sun hats.  Both of them yank them off immediately, so once again you will have to excuse their sunscreen covered hair/heads.  Joey and I dominated the bumper cars.
 These two didn't have a chance against us!
 Finally, we toured the cave.  It was a one hour guided tour.  I have done the tour several times with my students, and I thought that it would be too long for our boys.  They seemed to enjoy it, though.  There was a light show with water in the cave, and Andrew loved it.  He yelled out each color in the light show, with the exception of green.  For some reason, green stumps him every time. 
 Pictures from inside the cave:

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