Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catching Up

I am way behind in blogging, as usual.  Joey went to Germany for two weeks earlier in June.  We used the computer to Skype with him, and one of the boys hit a button that "broke" the computer. Joey fixed it in about two seconds. I was able to post pictures from my phone, but here are some long overdue pictures from my camera, and many of them are out  of order.  Since I last downloaded pictures from my camera, we have spent a lot of time playing in the ballpit.  Andrew calls it the "ballbit."

 It wears Joey out!
 Andrew has gone to several speech sessions, and his language is EXPLODING!  I could not even possibly begin to type all of his words.  He has way too many.  We are now working on putting two words together. He has several language games that he plays.  One of them uses noodles, bowls, and a spoon.  We played this game regularly until I heard a strange sound and noticed Andrew throwing his noodles down the air vents.

 Joey and I celebrated our 4th anniversary!
 Here is part of my card from Joey. He is so so sweet to me!
 The boys got a surprise present from the O'Harra family in Texas! They were beyond excited.  I was trying to put all of the books out and get a picture, but I had some eager hands ready to grab the new books!  My favorite part of this present is that they sent some books that Big Joey used to read as a little boy, and I just love that.

 Of course, we had to write (draw) them a thank you note.
 Taking a break for some loving:
 We also celebrated what we call "Dada Day" in our house.  The boys made some artwork.

 Finished products-the foot is Joey's and the hand is Andrew's. 
 Dada also got a picture autographed by Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram for his Alabama room.
 The boys made a Dada coffee cup for him to take to work.
 Opening presents:
 Finally, Joey turned 7 months old.  This is pitiful that I am just now posting this since he will be 8 months old this week.  Oh well!
 Andrew spoiled us with the monthly chair pictures. He would just sit there.  Joey-not so much!  He is a wild man in the chair, so most of our pictures have Dada's hands trying to prevent him from falling out!

Joey at 7 months:

*Generally happy
*Started really eating well-It was a struggle in the 6th month, but now he seems to enjoy eating.
*Favorite foods-sweet potatoes and oatmeal
*Not sleeping through the night-He has 2 nights his entire life
*Drinking both breastmilk (finally!) and formula
*CRAWLING-He is ALL over the place!
*Attempting to pull up, but not able to do so independently
*Babbling a lot-no words yet
*Thinks animals are hilarious
*Wants to do anything that Andrew is doing
*Likes to hold hands with anyone
*Still a total "mama's boy"
*Loves to splash in the bath
*Started sitting in high chairs when we go out to eat instead of sitting in carseat
*Moved from size 3 to size 4 diapers
*Wears 9 month or 12 month clothes
*Has 2 teeth

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