Sunday, July 8, 2012


Andrew has recently become interested in baseball, or "bayball" as he calls it.  We pass a softball/baseball field on our way home each day, and he always points to it and yells, "bayball."  After supper last night, we went out to the field to let him play.

 This is how he holds his bat when he swings. 
 Dada has started to work with him a little on holding the bat the correct way.

 Dada showed him how to run the bases.  Andrew thought that was so much fun, and he carried his bat with him the entire way.

 Tagging all of the bases:
 Next, they worked on fielding the ball.  This is my favorite picture from  the day. 

 We went around 6:30 because it has just been way too hot to do much outside during the day.  Andrew took some water breaks.

 Andrew is such a sweet sharer (most of the time, and unless it is a book or puzzle) with his brother.  He kept bringing the balls to him.

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