Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family Visit, 2 Secrets, New Car, 17 Weeks

17 week bump---more about that later! I have not made time to blog this week, so this will be a scattered (as you can tell from the title) post. Andrew met his family from Texas for the first time this week. The O'Harra family came to town for Holly's UA orientation. We are so excited that she will be moving to Tuscaloosa soon! While she was busy with that, Uncle Michael, Aunt Cristy (Joey's mom's sister), Katie and Meredith all came over to play with Andrew. He loved spending time with them. Sweet Meredith read a story to him.

He loved showing Ernie (elephant) and Marvin (monkey) to Katie! He also liked her curly hair:)

Then, it was time for another story with Uncle Michael.

When Joey got home from work, we all went out to dinner. It is always nice to be with the O'Harra group because we do not get to see them as often as we would like. Andrew was so sleepy when we got home. It was just too much excitement for our little guy!

Because I am not working, we spend a lot of time around the house. Andrew really likes to play in his room. We keep a lot of his toys in there, and we spend a lot of time playing on the floor during the day. Normally, he makes such a mess at lunch that he plays in just a diaper for a little while.

This picture just makes me smile! It looks like he is trying to lasso something.

I went to Birmingham this week to meet my sister for lunch and to do some shopping for Andrew. I went to Whole Foods to get a lot of new food for him to try. His new favorite thing to eat is papaya. Here are some pictures of other new foods that he likes plus secret #1--He wears a pink bib at home!


String Cheese:

He loves this cheese so much that it is actually a small problem. He will try to shovel four or five pieces into his mouth at once.

I have blogged about my friend Christin and her son before. Jack is three weeks older than Andrew so I always call to ask her questions about what is to come. When I called her this week, I could hear Jack in the background playing with pots and pans. I remembered how much my brother used to love to do that, too. I don't know why it had never dawned on me to let Andrew play with kitchen toys like that. So, I pulled out some cups and he loved it. He is able to sit unsupported, but our kitchen floor is so hard. I wanted the boppy there just in case. I think he liked that Ralph played with him more than anything.

These cups are so fun!

Our family got a new car this week!!!! It is a Mercedes GL, and the best part is that it is FREE. When I say free, that includes the tag, all services--oil changes, new tires, fixing any problems, and even the insurance, too. The only thing that we have to pay for is the gas. Joey brought it home on Wednesday without telling me. He asked me to go out and get some papers for him that he had left in his front seat. When I saw it, I started screaming and jumping up and down. Andrew didn't know what was going on, but he knew that it was something exciting, so he started bouncing and laughing!

Before we could take it out for a ride, Joey had to put in the carseat. Secret #2--Andrew wears camo at home. If you know me at all, you know how much I dislike camo. However, Joey thinks that it makes him look "manly." I let him wear it at home only. If you ever see him in public with camo on, Joey dressed him. Of course, his lion (Larry) had to join him for the ride.

We are now 17 weeks and 5 days pregnant. For some reason, the picture of my tummy would not post here. That's why I put it up top. The baby is now 5 ounces and able to move his/her joints. Sweat glands have also started to form. I have unfortunately noticed that my heartburn has returned. I had not experienced any heartburn since I was delivering Andrew, but it is absolutely back. Oh well, at least I know that it goes away after birth. We still do not have a boy name to share. Hopefully, we will have something to share soon.

There has been a lot of talk about the new baby in our house. Andrew is always hearing things like, "Don't kick your brother/sister." "Are you going to share your toys with the baby?" He decided that he needed to do a little research on this topic and find out exactly what is going on!

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