Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 years of marriage~~10 months of Andrew

Joey and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on June 14th. Honestly, it feels like we have been married a lot longer than 3 years. We decided that we would just get each other cards. He did bring me some pretty flowers that day, though. I took this close up picture of the flowers because the table that they were sitting on was messy. If you know me, this is not a surprise to you! Instead of cleaning up the table, I just hit the zoom button:) Then, I looked at the mess and kind of liked it. It shows exactly where we are in life on our third anniversary. So, this is what my table really looked like! I was working on Andrew's 10 month sign, and Joey had just finished feeding him supper so his trays were still out. On our next anniversary, we will have 2 so I will probably have to use my zoom again!

On June 15th, Andrew turned 10 months old.

I remember the first time that he discovered Donald sitting next to him in his monthly pictures, I thought--uh oh, this is going to be bad.

Well, he has discovered something else...

After his pictures, Joey put him to bed. Look how long he is getting. He loves to prop his feet up like that on the side of all of our chairs.

Andrew at 10 months:

He is still a joy and what we consider to be an "easy baby." Again, both of us did not have much experience with babies and therefore not much to compare, but Andrew seems to be easy to us. He sleeps about 12 hours a night, and normally takes 1 long (2 hour nap) and 1 short (less than 1 hour) nap during the day. He LOVES to eat. I have only found one thing that he doesn't like--asparagus. He also has 3 teeth now!

One of his very favorite things in the whole world to do is listen to a story. We read to him constantly. He is able to turn the page when asked. It is so cute to watch. I say, "Turn the page, please" and he does it correctly almost every time. He also has learned to clap this week. I began clapping for him during meal times when he would pick up his own food and eat it. Now, he expects to be clapped for after each bite. This may not have been my wisest move. He will also (usually) clap on command. Saying "clap, clap, clap" or "Yay, Andrew!" generally makes him squeal and clap. His favorite game of the moment is "Where's Andrew?" This will sound ridiculous, but Andrew thinks that it is hilarious when we act like we have lost him, search for him, and then act absolutely shocked that he is sitting right in front of us. Joey kissing his neck is also almost always a guaranteed laugh.

Andrew does not crawl or pull up yet. He is a master roller, though. Joey and I both feel that he will do these things when he is ready. We give him plenty of time on the floor to strengthen his muscles and enjoy the fact that we do not have to completely babyproof our house yet!

Other Andrew-isms at 10 months:

-He wants to hold the spoon when we feed him. We just give him his own spoon to hold because it is easier and neater.

-As we dress him, he tries to undress himself. Once we snap the outfits, we have won. Sometimes, he is able to remove a onesie before we can snap it. He then laughs at us.

-He laughs at us when we tell him "no, no." This could be a problem!

-He is very social and enjoys being around other babies.

-When he gets very excited, he raises both arms (like he is about to "flap his wings") and does a little sqeal. Certain things normally cause this--when he sees me open his yogurt, when I pull out a book to read, when we get to his daycare.

-I would still consider him a "Daddy's boy." I have no doubt that Andrew loves me, but my boys have a crazy connection. He probably says "Mama" 4-5 times a day. He says "Da-Da" about 75 times. I told my mom today that Andrew's first sentences will be: "Dada loves you." or "Dada is at work." Those are always the two things that I tell Andrew when he asks for Joey. If Joey and I are both in the room, Andrew wants to be with Joey. It would hurt my feelings if it wasn't so sweet to watch them together.

-He still loves playing with his concrete truck.

-He likes to pull noses, ears and hair. These actions normally warrant a "no, no." to which he laughs.

-I have started planning his first birthday party---very strange feeling!

Happy 10 months! We love you, buddy!


  1. He is such a sweet boy! I love reading about him each month. He is gorgeous! I can tell that you two are great parents to him. He is a blessed little boy!

  2. He is such a cutie! He looks like a big boy! It is crazy that he will be a year soon! Ezra does the same thing after each bite, if I don't clap and say Yay, he does it for himself! I love it! You are blessed that Andrew eats well for you! Ezra is not a good eater, although he's getting better. And the crawling thing, enjoy these days before he is mobile! Ezra is into EVERYTHING! I constantly follow him around all day picking up after him! Maybe Andrew will go straight to walking, soon! He looks like such a sweet boy! I can't believe he is saying Mama and Dada now! That must be so sweet to hear him call for you! Ezra says Dada all the time, but I'm not sure if he knows what he is saying! :) Love that you do the posters and duck. I wil have to remember that for my next one! When do you find out if your new little one is a boy or girl? Or will you find out?! -Annette Hoyt